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My name is Cadbury Sanchez, you can call me Cad. I have been living in Thailand since 2010 and have built a network of property owners and investors of both foreigners and locals in the field of big lands and luxury houses over the years.
I was born and raised in Manila Philippines to a Spanish-Filipino father and a Chinese-Thai mother. I started working with the family business, which then helped me build my connection in the business industry. I have also been teaching English to Thai students since 2013 in different places and currently teaching part time in Bangkok University and Chris English School.
I started working in the Real Estate industry 2 years ago as a freelance and have collected several listings. I am now venturing into working with Smart Move Property as a rapid means to connect and expand my listings to the needs of the market and to our current and future clients and to establish a good relationship today and for the foreseeable future.
I am skilled in the use of internet, online marketing, and effective communication. I am an easy-going, service- oriented and goal-oriented person. My aim is to be a great real estate agent, and to be the best mediator for my clients. I do believe that I have a professional and fantastic team behind me to help and support the process in every transaction.
We, at Smart Move Property, are all looking forward to working with you.

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