About Us

About Us

In Thailand it takes a lot to stand out in the crowded field of real estate agents.

We are proud to say Smartmove Property Management Services (SPS) is unique in a number of ways & you will share the benefits.

We at SPS have a great passion for real estate. You will always get our honest  personal service and loyalty. We want to share our knowledge and experience to make you a successful home seller, buyer or investor.

Property Finders

Dedicated SPS agents will assist in your search for the best property to meet your needs, whether it be an apartment or condominium, house, or office. Each client is different and your unique property buying or leasing requirements matter to us most. Understanding a client’s real estate needs is absolutely key in a successful real estate search.

SPS will assist with negotiations with the owner. Contracts are tailored to include specific agreements between you and the owner. SPS prepares the documentation to complete lease or sales transactions.

SPS Letting Agents & Property Consultants

Whether you are a landlord looking to maximize your occupancy rates or someone looking to find a new home to rent in Bangkok, SPS’ dedicated team of letting agents have expert local knowledge in Bangkok and surrounding areas. Our property management team works closely alongside our letting agents, and provides advice to a range of clients, from small buy-to-let landlords to large investors with multiple properties in their portfolio.

SPS  for Bangkok Landlords

There is much more to good property management than simply collecting the rent. At Smartmove property services means protecting your property, controlling your costs, and reducing the burden on you as a landlord.We work closely with you and your tenants, with full transparency of all actions undertaken on your behalf.

SPS can efficiently handle all financial matters pertaining to your property letting. This includes collecting rents and settling agreed bills on your behalf. Balances will be paid to you promptly accompanied with detailed account statements. SPS’ property management fees are based on actual work involved – with no surprises or hidden extras.

SPS can be the first point of contact for tenants. SPS can deal promptly with tenant’s issues on your behalf. You are kept up-to-date with actions taken and any potential costs involved.

SPS can provide effective management in cases of rent arrears, taking swift action if rent is not paid on time. SPS will have personal discussions with tenants to understand their situation and help them get back on track with their rent. We have a very low level of rent arrears.

SPS Maintenance and Renovation Services

SPS can provide any scope of maintenance and renovation services for your property, from periodic servicing of air conditioning units to physical reconfigurations of the property. Relocation and cleaning services are also available.

SPS has a carefully selected team of maintenance specialists. These tradesmen have years of experience and share our standards of honesty, pricing and quality of work completed. We do not add hidden commissions to their bills.

SPS can provide advice and assist with management of compliance with the latest landlord property safety and legal regulations.